Have you ever taken a detour that was frustrating yet exhilarating at the same time? Here’s what happened. Its mother’s day and we are headed to rapids camp in Murang’a County. The camp is just by the edge of Sagana River which divides Kirinyaga and Murang’a counties. The shortest route according to google maps is via a place called Riandira but me being me I decide I know better than Google so we head all the way to Sagana town, head west towards Murang’a town and branch south after crossing Sagana River. There are signposts showing the directions at every junction but none tells you the distance. Google decides to reroute though she seems angry that we’ve disregarded her immense knowledge. She is not in the least bit encouraging. Remember that saying about hell having less fury than a woman scorned; so true. You know the way she tells you, “take the next left and proceed for the next fourteen kilometers,” you just have to sigh and feel like you want to go back. Yeah, I felt that way especially since the road was rough and dusty, but wait until I saw these beautiful gorges which stole my breath away. I couldn’t have felt better in my entire life. The gorges are so beautiful and appealing to the eyes in their limestone like appearance. And just like that a memory is conjured back in my mind. There was a quarry in my village and growing up people used to buy building stones and aggregate from the said quarry. This memory is about those Leyland and Ford Lorries that would tip their bodies so as to empty their loads be it stones, aggregate or sand. The voice of their engines was very identifiable and no sooner did we hear it than all the children would helter-skelter in that direction to see the miracle/magic. I suppose you could call it a miracle in the village. Boy did we run faster than our legs could carry us which often led to tripping. There was no giving up though because this event would be like witnessing a shooting star and making a wish. I don’t know why none of us won a medal or why we never made it to the Olympics. It didn’t matter if we had witnessed the lorry’s acrobatics, we’d still want to see the next one and the next one. Sometimes if you were left in charge of cooking, the food would usually burn and this would only mean one thing. “Facing the music.”
The immense joy on our faces as they tilted with the lorry is the same joy I felt when I took in this breathtaking view and copied it in the hard disk of my grey matter. This is a must visit place
NB: Probably you are asking what a gorge is; a gorge is a steep-sided, narrow valley with a river or stream running along the bottom. Gorges are formed by the interplay of several geological processes, including erosion, tectonic processes such as vertical uplift and cavern collapse.
Gorge meaning source: Sciencing.com.


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