The fall

Hiking Mt Kenya, one of the snow covered mountains in the tropics through Kamweti route will take you through the castle forest lodge. Here you get to see scenic water falls with ice cold waters and hear birds chirping in the dense forest. They say there are about 170 plus birds species in there. There are plenty of wild animals too.These include but are not limited to elephants, buffaloes, hyenas and bushbucks. You can immerse yourself in horse riding, swimming, fishing and many other outdoor activities. It is the scenic waterfalls that however did it for me. There’s a staircase leading to the fall that somehow reminds me of Jacobs ladder. I feel the presence of the Almighty here in the midst of his creation. Something about the sound of water descending down the rock seems to take me back in time. My time capsule machine is back in gear one. The cogs in my mind are turning like a turbine. It’s a hot Saturday afternoon and like that song, ‘tabia za Wakenya’ we can almost tell it’s going to rain. Coffee picking chores are over. My left eye has been shaking since the time we started grading the coffee beans, accentuating the sense of a looking downpour. We’ve eaten ‘githeri’ to our fill. Our stomachs are heavy and protruding like, ‘Incy wincy spider’s stomach.’ The full bellies combined with a hard works day are giving us the yawns. We therefore decide to grab the bull by its horns; an afternoon nap is a well earned reward. The elder kids have gone to the factory to sell coffee which means we have the bed all to ourselves. We’ll fit without crashing into each other as opposed to when its all four of us. I still can’t fathom how four people would fit in that bed made of rubber and start snoring almost immediately. Talk of small miracles.
So we are trying to nap and when the nap is just about to come 😉, we hear the first rain drops hit the roof. Before we realize it we have started singing, ‘I hear thunder, yes I do. Pitter patter raindrops I’m wet through so are you.’In the twinkle of an eye, we are scampering out of bed screaming and dancing as if we have won the lottery.There’s no one to keep us from dancing in the rain. We don’t care about pharyngitis, tonsillitis and all those other ‘itis’ which are bound to come visiting us soon. If you said we don’t have a care in the world you wouldn’t be far from the truth. As if that ain’t enough the sound on the roof changes and we are grinning from ear to ear; it’s like rescue bots being told ‘rescue bots roll to the rescue.’ Only there were no rescue bots back then; it’s only just hailstones.Wait a minute, did I just say just hailstones. If the rain was the lottery, this is now the jackpot. What farmers would curse because of the wreck it’s bound to cause on the crops is our wildest fantasy come to life. Dancing is forgotten, our palms are outstretched trying to catch ‘the maize’ as we used to call it. It’s a competition of who will catch the big one. It doesn’t matter how cold the stones are on our bare hands, this is the closest we’ll ever come to experiencing winter here in the tropics. We gulp the maize down our throats and isn’t it ooh so heavenly.
Childhood/ rainfall/ waterfall, what an exciting adventure life was back then. I can’t help but wonder like Merle Haggard, ‘are the good times really over.’ I guess all we can do is reminisce and chronicle. And visit more beautiful places that trigger beautiful memories.



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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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