So Kahuhia Girls decided to have a breather and Magoha did untie one of his knots to give them the much needed breather but suddenly Chavakali Boys decided to use vitu kali to dissect them bulls. Nevertheless we can’t blame them, they must have been putting their biological studies to use 😉; after all practice practice makes perfect. However when we thought we had seen it all, Muhoho the ever so gentlemen decided to wilt away to their homes in peace, but not without telling their principal,’don’t text us, we will text you, really.’
I like taking random pictures wherever I go and I was so happy the other day when I learnt of the new CBC homework:

  1. With the help of the parent/guardian get photographs/pictures of various foods available from their community.

Wow I felt like the cursor had finally right clicked.
I’m here wondering where we went wrong as parents and whether we have given our kids too much leeway. I can’t help but go back to our days in school. You see back then mid-term break was not in the thesaurus. All we’d get was an afternoon of visiting day where half of it was spent staring at the multitudes and multitudes of visitors arriving from every which way trying to spot a familiar face. The next quorra was spent tearing at Chapatis, Mītungos and Ngwacīs. Thereafter you’d give your visitors the grand tour of the school while showcasing some of your friends and various botanical names of the trees in the compound.
The only other time you could go home was if you had fee balance and had prayed hard enough for the principal to wake up on the wrong side of the bed and send you home. That’s when we’d sing Keyshia Cole’s, ‘sent from heaven. Yeah, I know, the song had not been sung yet. 😂Despite the excessive burnout we didn’t burn no dorms.
Ngaenda hivi ngadownload folk song ya kufundisha my 3rd grader for the upcoming culture day.

  1. With the guidance of Parent/guardian learn and sing a folksong from different communities in Kenya that promote social wellbeing and sing the folksongs.


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