Lest we forget

As we send our kids back to school under the prevailing economic times, Its common knowledge that we’ll have to dig deeper into our pockets and even outside our pockets to cover the cost for damages, shopping and to clear the fees balances. This has however been made easier by the many mobile loans options causing us to drown deeper and deeper in this sea of debt but then again so is our country. I mean the apple can’t fall far from the tree.
As I look back I can’t help but wonder whether we have catapulted all this riotous living amongst our children. Someone said that children learn more through watching than through listening. All this time we’ve been using violence to settle our scores with those on the opposing side, a case in example being the 2007/2008 post-election violence. Our dear country has become a political hotbed and every five years we have to encounter some loss of property and or lives through politically engineered violence. Our kids have been watching keenly and learning a lot from this and also from the violent movies we allow them to watch on Netflix and other movie channels. It’s not lost on us that movies burning business is booming and before kids get home, they have to buy some with the little pocket money they have saved. Others will even steal their parents credit/debit cards to make online purchases. Tough economic times are promoting Kenyans to eke a living by whatever means necessary without caring that they are jeopardising the Kenyan youths. The other day police intercepted cookies made with the herbal ingredient. These cookies were meant to be sold to unsuspecting students.
Further downstream we’ve also become accustomed to giving this generation of ‘kababa and kamama’ whatever they ask for. It’s not lost on me that we struggled with meager resources while growing up and so we want to make it up to them by giving them anything they want. This has made them to feel entitled to whatever they ask for and when they are denied that, they resolve to use what they’ve learnt, ‘violence.’ Consequently the government and parents alike are at the mercies of this generation because they have us wrapped around their fingers. Remember when they burnt schools because of the mock exams and the same were scrapped off the curriculum. Now they are saying that the crash program is killing them and when they demand for mid-term the government grants it to them.
I can’t help but wonder what will happen to this generation when they begin working; they’ll be calling their managers and telling them that they can’t report to work since they are too tired to work. Or better still they’ll turn to the government to declare public holidays every which way so they can nurse their Monday blues/hangovers.
Lest we forget:
Mbombolulu Girls High School 1998
Kyanguli Secondary School 2001
Moi Girls Nairobi 2017

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