Bell ringers should officially join the class of people who have made it in life. I mean who else would swipe his/her arm with an attitude, look at his disco watch and with his head held high, traipse out of the most dreaded teacher’s classroom in a high gait and escape unscathed. Ati ameenda kupiga kengele.
Back in the days, there was this teacher, who got so absorbed in what was Infront of hence he was often unaware of the cheeky businesses being done by pupils behind his back. You know teachers like parents have eyes front, right and centre; not this one though, he used to get so absorbed in the blackwall writings and kids would do all sorts of funny staff behind his back. One day he decided to give us all a good whacking. Back then the classes used to have like four rows and as the said teacher focused his beats on one row a boy in the row next to the windows decided to tip toe out of the classroom. He tiptoed in ‘ule mwendo wa aste aste’ like pink panther trying to loose a flea or Tom trying to stalk Jerry. He was just about to maneuver out of the classroom however, fellow citizens ‘kufumba na kufumbua’ the teacher turned at that precise moment saw the boy and shouted, ‘ūka kīhīī’ the boy froze and the Bosnia of slaps and kicks that rained on him, I think he kīrīad on himself. Karma you are not good ooh. He had to run away from home and school for a while.Ngaenda hivi ngalia ngakumbuka huyo imanjīnīthi 😢😢.
So back to that bell and the dreaded Monday morning assembly. This was when the teachers would, ‘kwagua gwarinde la heshima.’ So we’d all be lining up like thuraku as we waited for the teachers to do their thing. The tall teachers were assigned the heads, the medium one’s were assigned the hands and the short ones were in charge of the feetsubishi. So once the teacher scanning the heads landed where you are standing, you’d cross your fingers and pray that the lice in your hair was on half time so it wouldn’t be seen. The lice behaved themselves but not so much could be said about their eggs. They were sprawled up like rice in the rice fields of Mwea. Too much for closing your fingers because you’d soon take the walk of shame to where the rest of the law breakers were. Some would pass the head test only to fail the foot test and some passed the nails test only to fail to produce handkerchiefs. Ndio maana hatuogopangi hizi CCTV cameras. Tulianza kutazamwo mapema. 😂😂Na si sirikal ipatie huyu Sonko kazi ya detective.

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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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