Visiting day was the only day we were allowed to break the one and only rule that I remember from my high school days. You see when I joined ‘can go free ‘ high school I was given a pamphlet containing several school rules. One rule that seemed to stand out of the rest was rule no. 10 which read,’do not stand and stare.’ My cheeky side couldn’t help but wonder whether I could stare while walking even though in my four years stint at school I didn’t get to the bottom of that. You see I started to dig but before I could get any deeper I heard randy Travis sing, ‘I’m digging up bones and resurrecting memories that are better left behind…’ Who was I to go on; as it is I’m still pondering but no longer digging bones.😂
So back to the rules and need I say that even meditating to break a rule was considered treason and punishable by law. The punishment came in the form of a wheelbarrow, a shovel, an axe and a fork jembe. I guess that’s why the wheelbarrow bottom up ideology does not seem so appealing to me 😉. If you are wondering what cute girls were doing with these equipments, wonder no more we are going digging; only in this case we were not digging bones like Richard Leakey, instead we were uprooting tree stumps. You’d only get to join the rest of the class after completion of the two weeks course.
However fellow Kenyans, on visiting day this rule could be broken without facing the music. And talking of music makes me remember my music teacher who would stop the song mid-session by continuously tapping on the keyboard while declaring, ‘ooh my, the donkey has sung again.’ Yeah very discouraging I know; the only thing that’d make one endure the walk of shame that would befall you when he realized you were the one singing off key were the lyrics to the song, ‘There’ll be a new world beginning from tonight…..’ That plus the thought of eating a loaf of bread ukiteremsha na 3ooml soda on competition day.
Well well well I keep drifting, but I’m back at one like Brian Mcknight. So visiting day was that day that despite spending the morning scrubbing pavements, classrooms and sweeping flower gardens until they looked like ‘mwanga muue,’ you’d still have the energy to go stand, stare and wait for your kinsmen and women to pass through the gate and bring with them all the juicy delicacies you’ve been missing for one and a half months. Face me matatus would ferry and drop loads and loads of visitors until your eyes almost popped up from the continuous gazing and scanning of the multitudes to see who looked like they had your genes from a distance. What a joy though when you spotted your kindred. This is when you bolted of stick jumping up and down like that calf that Faustin Munishi sings about in, ‘wateule wote, watarukaruka kama dama, na wakiimba andamano andamano kubwa siku hiyo ya kwenda mbinguni.’ I guess this has turned more musical that I had envisaged at the beginning. I think I’ve been motivated by Don Williams, ‘I just come here for the music.’ I however hope you’ll be coming here for more chronicles too.’
What a joy it was to eat the delicacies, well until your belly began to rumble and pop like a pop corn machine. Moreover walking with your kindred showing them the various dorms named after trees such as Lanterna, Cedar, Mugumo. Marigold, Bouganvillea and Grevillea among others was kinda cool. Bragging with botanical names of various indigenous trees was even cooler. So it was okay for our eyes to feel poppy and tired not so for our tummies though. They sounded like the battle fields of Vietnam.Si tuyusuf tuliachilia. I guess you could say we had an acute case of the rumbling fever. 😂😂


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