Friday is the day of the week that most of us look forward day. Here in 254, we call it furahiday. Ooh and a happy day it usually is. Mwalimu Mbūgua called it member’s day. But when I was growing up, I had a different Fridsy. So lemmi tell you Maina about this my Friday. I’m talking about a four legged beast with white and brown patches who had three tits instead of four and two horns.Two of her tits had fused into one huge tit while the rest had shrunk into tiny hardly there tits. This meant that milking Friday was such an easy chore because you only squeezed one tit.
Friday had been bought from Hiriga, a village across the river. I don’t know why my father decided to add him to our already densely populated herd because well he wasn’t the best milk yielding cow but anyway we welcomed him, ‘kwa mkono mkujufu,’ whatever that means.
Friday blended well with the other cows and she wasn’t a troublemaker. She was more of a follower than a leader and as such she didn’t cross your radar. However karma decided that we were having such a nice time herding and decided to disrupt our state of affairs. In the twinkle of an eye, Friday lost her eyesight. This meant that now instead of going grazing with the others, she had to be zero grazed. This not only included cutting fodder for her, but also fetching water for her from the not so near Thagana river. This in turn dictated that you go to the river twice, one for the house and one for Friday. But who was Asusena and Mugz; the two could carry two twenty litre Jerrycans on their back in one go. That left Gakware kwenye mataa and since my back was not that strong, I had to brave the river twice. For this reason I became disillusioned and even hated Friday.
One day of days, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, after chewing on mitungo while watching Sinbad the Sailor, we decided to take the grand tour to our Mississipi cotton picking delta town (Marua.) We didn’t have any elaborate plan, just going to bangaiza and watch the sun set. My dad on the other hand could smell a fish all the way fromGatung’ang’a and decided to call Asusena. Now when my dad called you, you had to respond like a lady i.e yuuuuu !!!! So Asusena answered and went to assess the reason for the call. She went and the instructions were forthwith dished out. ‘ Thiii mutuire Friday thaara, yaani go and cut nappier grass for Friday. Asusena came and gave us the bad tidings and we felt deflated like a balloon which had been pricked. Suddenly we remembered Jonah and how he decided to left for Tarshish instead of going to Nineveh. Kidogo kidogo we had a strategy in place and we used the panya route and whisked our defiant selves to Marūa. We made sure we came back at sunset but no sooner had we hit the gate, than we saw Mzee staring hard at us and in a no nonsense voice he said. ‘Mūcoke oo ūguo mwoka, oo mūndū na mūrigo wake wa thaara.’ Go back the same way and let everyone come back carrying their load of nappier grass. I don’t even know where the pangas and the ropes came from. We cut the nappier grass in the moonlight.
Friday slept a very happy cow that night. I hope you enjoy your Friday night too. Don’t overdo.


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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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