Shaking my head to the rhythm as I listen to, ‘guess who is coming to dinner, nutty dreadlocks’ makes me think that putting locks was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I look back to the many woman hours I spent at the salon trying to get that chic look. Sometimes you’d put on a weave and look like you’ve really come from Venus only to wake up the next morning with the worst hair day. Truth be told those weaves only rock on day 1.
The hair styling industry has however come a long way. I remember way back in the days before blow dryers came and we had to improvise. Mostly we’d look for a ndung’ū or fifteen cup and drill holes in it from the inside. Then we’d put hot charcoal in the cup and your designated salonist would drag the hot cup on your ‘gathangari.’ That’s greek for afro kinky hair. I happen to be endowed with plenty in that department. In primary school, my art teacher would put a stick on my hair and stretch it causing my classmates to wonder at how long it stretched. I learned about the elasticity of my kinky hair long before I learnt about the elasticity of demand. 😂The potential energy in the hot cup would be converted to kinetic energy and in the twinkle of an eye your hair would look like a sleek, black Mercedes Benz. However, if a small piece of coal passed through the hole and landed on your scalp a cry would be heard in Ramah and it wouldn’t be Rachel weeping for her children. Just then the smell of hot barbeque would hit your nostrils at the rate of 100 kilowatts per second you would be tempted to think dinner was ready. But as the wise men from Congo forest said, ‘mwendi ūthaka ndacayaga’ she who loves beauty never cries.Sometimes Karma would be on your sleeve and get you rained on. Piiiuuuu you’d smell like a goat for days unending. Whether you tried to wash it with Kuku bar soap or Omo there was no way to get rid of the skunky smell. I hope you’ve guessed who is coming to dinner. I’ll be glad to share mine with you 😉.

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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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