There was this one time that I had an experience with thieves, let me call them that because robbers sound like too big a term to use here. I didn’t really get the eye witness view but the thing is that they stole my bag which had all my clothes and important documents.
At the time I was a student at Kenyatta University and we used to get very excited when the HELB loans were disbursed. So my BFF had a sister who was a professional textile designer. I’ll call her that because calling her a tailor would seem too small a term. The lady was really good at what she did and since my BFF was her sister I’d get nice offers. So when we got that HELB money; little did we know we’d repay the loan dearly at the time, contracting her to make us some new outfits was a irresistible. I felt like Brad Paisley when the bank finally came through and he proudly held the keys to his brand new Chevrolet but needed to get a li’l bit mud on the tires. At least we’d have some nice clothes to smoothen out the hand me downs and the second hand clothes we’d bought at Gikomba market. And that Gikomba market was a place of marvel. When I went there the first time with my sis in law I couldn’t be able to fathom all those multitudes of people engrossed in buying and the sellers shouting as they promoted their clothes. It felt like the valley of the dry bones had finally come to life. I wonder why they keep burning it every other day. You know one of my brothers would look at you straight in the eyes when you tried a second hand outfit, and with a smirk on his face tell you, “gakūigana ota mutigairī” meaning It has fit you just like the previous owner who is probably deceased.
Well back to my stolen bag. The bag was quite bulky given that you had to fit as many new clothes to wear while sashaying in the village as you showed the latest styles in the city. When school closed I headed to my sister’s place and decided not to unpack since I’d be travelling abroad soon. Did I say abroad? I meant upcountry. It was while there on one of the nights that thieves broke in and kufumba na kufumbua my bag was on his broad shoulders. Dudes must have smiled because it was staring at them in its entire splendor. Maybe they had prayed; wait do thieves pray before they go on their missions possible? Food for thought. Imagine all those clothes; back in the days they were called Sunday bests. The ones you couldn’t wait to see people’s faces transform when they glanced at you. Mostly we used to dress to please, we were vain like that. So now people you can imagine how I felt, One minute I was like a balloon filled with helium slowly but proudly drifting to the skies, then the next minute I was pricked and ooh isn’t the law of gravity cruel. And just like that I was reduced to a charity case. What can I say; Life always has its humbling moments.


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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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  1. Whenever nyar you are accosted by thieves train yourself to refrain from resistance.
    You should know they are prepared,and you are not.otherwise pole.

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