I don’t know why we must roast something every election year; It could be a partridge (gakware) a turkey or even a flamingo. However I can smell a barbeque from afar the same way a policeman/ woman on a roadblock smells a lorry or matatu from way before it starts beating that corner. 😂😂
I remember way back in 2007 when the price of maize flour (posho) sky rocketed and suddenly the opposition picked a fine line to promise us folks better prices if we voted them in. The government also took it upon its able shoulders to subsidize the commodity and ooh did we flock to the supermarkets to get our ration of the 90 bob packet clearly labeled GOK. Notwithstanding that they limited us to two packets per family.
Charley pride was not wrong when he sang, ‘ooh the snakes crawl at night’ because here we go down the ring of fire with our new hashtag, ‘lower food prices’ while corruption is still sinking its roots deeper and Wanjikū is bearing the brunt of it all.
I remember back in the 80’s when 20 bob would buy a packet of wheat flour and a quarter of Kimbo shortening and you’d still be left with change to hide in the mattress for to use on the school’s closing day or when you went for the zonal games.
I also remember a song that went kīndū like this, ‘Mami/ Baba witu aaii rīrīia arī muoyo, twarīaga tūkarara na mūthebeo.’ Which translates; when my mother and father were alive we used to overeat and sleep while farting, with the mouth of course. You know the one that causes you to remove that rotten eggs smell from your oesophagus. Right now I can picture so many kids whose parents are alive but are sleeping hungry because said parents don’t have the means to put a meal on the table.
Growing up on the mountain food was in plenty, we used to eat sweet potatoes until we nicknamed them Makururu. Sour milk and sembe was also in plenty. There were always fruits available and if the ration was little you’d fill up the plate with makondos (avocados.)
Right now though we have to wait for these desert vipers to give us 200 bob so we can vote for them yet again while they continue to rot in stolen wealth by the second.



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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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