I’m here being told to be wary of wild animals but I don’t feel like it because I’ve seen my own share of domestic wild.If you loved my post about Friday, you’ll love this more even more. If you need a refresher, here’s the link 👇👇

Nyameni, Thīru, Munge,Ngahū, Friday, Mugiī, Tetū and Hīrīga were a few of the names we’d give to our cows. Mostly this was based on where the cow was bought. However Ngahū’s ears had undergone ear notching and so the name.

But now there was this one named Thīgīra. She had a petite frame and even though she came as a heifer and we fed her really well, she never tried to outgrow herself. Thīgīra had only one flaw though, she used to hate boys dearly. Now my cousin fell under this category and no sooner would Thīgīra see him, than she would start chasing him. So this one day, dude was taking food to her mum in the shamba and Thīgīra’s trained eyes zoomed in on him. Thīgīra ran, cousin ran. This was not the time of mwendo ni ule wa aste aste as we used to say in debate club, no this was the time of lightning ⚡ in a hurry. It was time of ,’mguu niponye’ legs save me or kahīndī merūka, ‘bone get swallowed.’ They both ran as fast as their legs could carry them, one four the other two. Cuz came across a tree and the adrenal rush prompted him to drop the food and climb the tree while panting like a jaguar chasing prey in the Amazon basin.
Thīgīra was about to abandon the chase but the light bulb in her head suddenly flickered and she grinned like the Cheshire cat.She rummaged through the ‘kīondo’ like a child opening a Christmas present 🎁 on boxing day emptying all the contents into her belly like Jonah swallowing the fish. Sorry, it was the fish that swallowed Jonah 😂. She did all this while Cuz stared down at her like he was watching a horror movie. Then she decided to take a nap under the shade of the tree. Don’t ask me how my cousin returned back home. I also don’t know the rest of the story and I don’t feel like cooking it further Maybe he too slept on top of the tree and fell down and landed on Thīgīra’s tummy. Then again I don’t think the Adrenaline coursing his veins would let him nap. Also I don’t know if my Aunt ate lunch that day. Story for thought.

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