‘Inflatable float, full of Dad’s hot air, I was three years old, floating everywhere and so began my love affair with water.’
Well I would have loved it if that was how I started my love affair with water but who I’m I kidding? Let’s get it clear here; we are in Africa and things happen differently here. Our fathers were different, They wouldn’t have bought floaters for us leave alone fill them with hot air so that we could use them to float on a pool. Did I say a pool, sorry my bad, I meant a river. This heat wave is tampering with my mind 🤔and talking about heat, there is no better way to cool off than to dip in the cold water of the Mountain Rivers.
I’m sitting here at Kathirī waterfall thinking that this is one of the most beautiful places in this land of peace love and unity. Yeah, I pray that we can still call it that after August. I once watched a documentary by Lolani Kalu when he was still working with NTV. He was talking about Lake Chyulu in Taita Taveta and I can’t help but think that this place here is in the same league with Lake Chyulu.
Located on the west side of the county that gave this Country its name (Kīrīnyaga), this place gives an aura of freedom and rebirth. The cold crisp mountain air coupled by the constant hum of the river as it travels over the smooth rocks, surrounded by indigenous trees and tea bushes on both sides makes you want to breathe in that cold crisp air and store it in your air sacs forever and ever Amen. The birds chirp and the bees hop from flower to flower in a bid to suck as much nectar as possible and only when they are as full as a spider do they go and visit the toilet. Well do bees visit the toilet, sorry they visit the hive. And here we are waiting on the honey for its medicinal qualities. The highly carbonated waters gives the place a white/ foamy illusion as the water flows through the rocks adding to the mesmerising phenomena.
Growing up learning how to swim was not easy. A lot of invention had to happen. For example covering the jerry can with a maize comb so it can work as a floater was a skill handed down from the young to the even younger comrades. Asusena having attained great swimming skills did not have enough patience to teach her Gakware sister how to swim. She was in constant need to mavouver the deeper ends of the river with her friends and hone her swimming skills. As such she left Gakware with the jerry can in the shallow end. Don’t blame me for not learning how to swim, blame Asusena. I still stay afloat though. In life that is 😂
So as I sit here and think about Brad Paisley’s song, I can’t help but come up with my own rendition, ‘ yellow Jerrycan full of atmospheric air, I was five years old, floating in the shallow end, and so began my love affair with rivers.’
If you’d like to visit Kathiri falls holla one fgerald wachira otherwise known as the outdoorman’s cabin on Facebook.

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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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