Palm Sunday and the triumphant entry into the Holy city reminds me of my Sunday school days and the Sunday school competitions well covered in my previous chronicle the scramble
Well there was this time when the competition was about the triumphant entry. Everything from the choral verse, the set piece, the drama and the folk tune revolved around that theme.
We’d flock in church most afternoons to prepare for the much awaited competitions. Mostly the hype was about the half loaf and the juice that our peristalsis movements would enjoy that day. This was clearly demonstrated by the turnout on the last day.
The Sunday school’s teacher’s kid would of course enjoy playing Jesus, the others would mostly play the disciples carrying twigs in place of palm leaves and the Jews questioning Jesus. Palms were not common on the slopes of the mountain but somehow my Catholic altar boys friends would always get them. Where from, I don’t know. Gakware and her quiet self would most definitely play the stone that Jesus referred to when He said, ‘if they keep quiet, these stones will praise me.’
I definitely miss those days and mostly that Swahili choral verse; Basi walipokaribia Bethifage na Bethania, kwenye mlima uitwao wa Mizeituni, Aliwatuma wawili katika wale wanafunzi akiwaambia, nendeni katika kijiji kile kinachowakabidhi na mtakapoingia ndani, mtamuona mwanapunda, ambaye hajapandwa na mtu yeyote bado, mfungueni mkamlete hapa, na kama mtu atawauliza, mbona mnamfungua mwanapunda? Mwambieni, Bwana ana haja naye…
My memory has reached there, nisaidieni hapo pengine.
Happy palm Sunday.


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