They say that common sense is not common to everyone and that if you are bestowed with said gift, it becomes a burden when you are sorrounded by people without.
That is why they taught such stories as ‘kaka sungura na wenzake.’ lakini mbona hii bias ya girlchild ilianza mapema hivyo? You mean they couldn’t write about dada sungura na wenzake? Anyway back to the story; in case you’ve forgotten here’s the refresher.
A story was written a long time ago about a brother hare and her siblings; Every time the mother left them to go look for nuts and such things as hares eat, the sly fox would be hiding in a nearby bush and would come out to demand that they do a certain chore for him. On this occasion, Mr Fox demanded that they cut a sugarcane for him. If they failed he’d have to chew them for lunch. The hares struggled to push the sugarcane to bring it down to no avail. Then in the nearby woods, they heard it sshhhh… kaka sungura admonished the siblings to keep quiet. A little bluebird crouched on a tree twig sang, ‘je hamnayo meno x2, ya kukata muwa nayo?’ Then it dawned on them that they were gnawing mammals and that they were endowed with very sharp incisors. The took turns to gnaw at the sugarcane and managed to fall it with a mighty thud and took it to Mr Fox just before lunchtime.
Moral of the story: now that the primaries are here with us, fellow Kenyans, don’t we have the teeth (vote) to send ‘these foxes’ back to sender? Even good old King Solo in his wisdom said, ‘let us get rid of the foxes, yeah the little foxes that spoil our vineyards.’ Even though these foxes are mighty big our vote is mighty bigger. Then again as I said in the beginning, common sense is not common to everyone.
Ngaenda hivi ngakula muwa. Even as I write this pump prices have skyrocketed.


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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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