Ziplining at the flying fox in Kereita, the forest indeed makes you feel like a flying fox except I only know of flying squirrels from my National Geographic escapades.
It makes you feel like that Kairītu karīa twarī ndūgū ndaakona Dagoretti Corner (The Great Corner) kahaicīte mabati igūrū kaugage ni ndege. That girl really had goals; goals of complete make over, flying Kenya Airways, holding bashes and what have you. She was a real gal toto that one or a slay queen or a socialite whatever you’d like to call her.
I haven’t been able to achieve any of her dreams because, let’s face it, she was my friend and as they say, show me your friends and I’ll show you what kind of a person you are; I’m a dreamer too, only that my dreams seem to be like Joseph’s before they manifest;Slavery, jail but eventually the stars (brothers) finally bowed at him.
Anyway, even though my dreams haven’t actualised, I keep dreaming and enjoy this flight as the wind hits on my nostrils, while at the same time resisting my momentum. You see I’d really like to launch at the speed of a rocket, just like I’d love for my dreams to launch and gaze at the trees below me as they appear like minute fellows from up here.
See you at the end of the zipline where we carry back our dreams upon our shoulders.



Flying Fox at The Forest is East-Africa’s longest zip line tour, offering over 2.2km of flight across the lush Kereita forest, just 1 hour from Nairobi city centre.
Kereita is a settlement in Kenya’s Central Province. A Few kilometers from Kimende Town, into the Kereita Village, is a Forest maintained by Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO). One can find trails into the forest as well as a Waterfall.
Source: Wikipedia

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