The other day I forgot to buy my fourth grade a biro. I was so used to buying him pencils that I forgot he was now a big boy and he now has bigger responsibilities.
So he ended up borrowing from a friend, I felt so ashamed when he came home declaring that they are now writing with biros. How could I forget how we’d feel and yearn for the transition from the lower primary to the upper primary. Holding a Speedo/ Kilometric biro back in the days was like being selected to dance for the are DC during a fundraising. Remember when we’d perform a song/ dance and then you’d be chosen to go before the DC and, ‘ūmūhurīrie kīngūkū?’ Also said transition meant that we’d get to ditch the earthen floor classes for the cemented floor. Nani kama Sisi🤔 As if that is not enough, I forgot to give him a memo about what to do and what not do with biros e.g ‘never put a biro in the pocket, it will boil.’
Now I have a stain to contend with and the little homescience I learnt won’t work for me because I didn’t remove it while fresh as my homescience teacher passionately taught me.
Well I guess Merle Haggard in his song my favourite memory where he sings, ‘ I guess everything does change except what you choose to recall,’ couldn’t be truer.
I’m here wondering how I remember these chronicles yet forget to dish out good advice when need arises. Well as they say, ‘Ya Mungu ni mengi, ya kuku ni mayai, ya kanga ndio sijui 🤣.’

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