Old is gold but gold is better. There’s a reason why they go to mine it in Alaska. That diamond better lie stoicaly on a golden rock. Same reason why Kenny said, ‘ if you wanna find gold go looking in the mountains.’
There’s is gold which is a precious metal, then there’s aluminium which is well; a metal. It’s the metal that ensured that something hot was steaming on the table at the end of the day, be it one, two, three, twarīra thoguo, or something more scrumptious.
Some people trade in gold, but then there are also those merchants who go shouting around the villages. I’d like to call them merchants of for purposes of this chronicle. One is the sharpening, sharpening, sharpening guy. This guy goes from house to house looking for blunt knives to sharpen since we no longer have inooro. Then there’s the chomelea guy who goes looking for broken basins to repair.
Last but not least is the ultimate aluminium trader. This one be like, ‘thaburia ngūrū ya gūtwara maaī kwa ng’ombe, nī ngūgura.’ An old sufuria of taking water to the cow shed, I will buy. Back when these guys existed, we didn’t have SGR vandalism. These people could even do barter trade.
The first time I rubbed shoulders with barter trade, was when a merchant actually gave my mother those enamel coated metallic plates in exchange with beans. Need I say that most often than not we’d leave those plates lying on the glass after kūhūna paa mūcibi and thīrū our cow dearest would step on the plate without even blinking. The enamel would of course shy away and leave the iron ore kwenye mataa. Are you thinking of Stella wangu and Freshly Mwaburi? Other merchants would also exchange pots with beans. Obviously the farmer got the rawer part of the deal, but life was thriving on the mountains.
You know they sold a cow to take me to school and then later on they exchanged me with cattle. Dunia duara, well I guess I could say I’m bartered.

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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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