I recently came across this photo and remembered how back in the days we’d give the honey badgers a run for their money or should I say honey? The three musketeers or maybe I’d call them the three human badgers suddenly had an urge for the local brew and as they said in that sprite ad, ‘obey your thirst.’ They sat down to strategise and come up with the recipé. Water was a non issue, plenty from the Thagana river, Muratina, I don’t know where it came from. The sugarcanes, well those were in plenty at Gacika stream😉 when you know, you know. As for the honey, a huge Mūkūrwe tree (Albizia Gummiferra) with a hole in the heart, sorry a hole in the trunk stood magestically on our farm its roots deep and it’s leaves proudly spread out like it was saying, ‘ look here, I own the entire universe.’
One problem though was that Mhenga’s hunting gear was under lock and key. This meant that the three musketeers had to invent a smoker. This was improvised from dry twigs tied together into a bunch and lit on one end. The smoke emanating from it would smoke the bees outta the hive or trunk in this case and the honey would be emptied into a bucket.
Now, the moon was illuminating the farm and Mhenga and Mhenguliwa were enjoying their evening cup of gatubia as Mhenguliwa roasted maize for her prince charming. The evening news was transisting on the red black and white greatwall TV, while the moon spread some of its light into the living room through the small window and an aura of countryside serenity spread across the land. The nightingale could be heard in a distance, saying ‘kwī heho kwi mbarara. Kufumba na kufumbua the moonlight was replaced by an orange hue. Mhenga wondered whether there was a lunar eclipse/ blood moon that he wasn’t aware of. He stood to partake of the rare occurrence but no sooner had he opened the door than he saw that his Mūkūrwe tree was on fire. He being the commander in chief issued instructions to Mhenguliwa and they ran towards the tree with water cans and managed to quench the angry flames. The three musketeers abandoned ship and hid in the coffee bushes. And just like that I never got to taste mūratina. Mhenga too didn’t enjoy his roasted maize. By the time they were back, It had turned into ash. The Mūkūrwe tree still managed to stand tall despite its present predicament. The bees never came back though. They felt squashed😂 just like our dreams of owning KWAL.

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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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