Feeling Obstinate.

This post is inspired by donkeys, donkeys of Warubaga, donkeys of Lamu but most definitely the donkeys of Ngurubani. Yeah, the very donkeys that wake us up in the wee hours of the morning with a bray to remind us it’s time to arise and shine and start a hard works day. You see being a donkey these sides is not easy. You have to thrive in the intense heat while transporting drums of the all too fertilizer and pesticides laden canal river while enduring some thorough whackings from your owner. Isitoshe you feed at night instead of sleeping like our Muslims brothers during the month of Ramadhan because there’s no time to feed during the day. Sometimes I wish that these creatures would have the ability to speak like that Baram’s donkey in the good ol’ book. They’d then give their owners a piece of their minds, that is if they have any.
On another note, donkeys are the reason why I didn’t pursue Agriculture in my O levels. Well that and wanting to copy my elder sister. You see she had these prospectuses from the London school of music, I’d gaze at those photos of the Orchestra violins on their shoulders and say wow, this is the life. I’d picture myself in that orchestra looking finer than all the fiddles combined.
So back to donkey business and my not taking agriculture. So we were studying this topic about donkeys and the teacher asked, why should you put a harness on a donkey. I don’t know how the lying serpent visited me because I found myself saying, ‘ to prevent them from becoming obstinate.’ 🤣
The teacher gave me the constipated look which seemed to say you are the one who is obstinate here. I felt my cheeks redden and oh the shame as the whole class laughed hysterically at me.
A story was told by our catechism teacher about a father and a son who were going to the market when they chanced upon two obstinate donkeys who refused to give them way. The son asked the father, ‘ nīkīī bunda ici ing’athītie ta mami.’ Why are these donkeys stubborn as mum? 🤣 Dude was lost for words.
So maybe you are wondering about the moral of this post. I guess what I’m trying to say is, never follow someone else’s path What if you follow Wahome Waihūra’s path and come across a leopard that you don’t have the strength to kill, or you follow Samson’s path and you can’t kill the lion. I ended up not doing so well in music and well I think I’d have done well enough in Agriculture. Well minus the obstinate bit. My orchestra dream went down the drain when the music teacher loudly acclaimed, ‘oh my, the donkey has sang again!’


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