The turning point

Today I feel like a motivational speaker, well maybe I could motivate someone today. Fast backwards to my primary school and my pathetic attitude towards mathematics. I vividly recall how on Fridays our two classes would be combined, the pastoral program would be hijacked and converted to a full-time maths session. Moving from assembly ground we’d find the writings already on the wall; Full math test, marking and rigorous whackings by both teachers.
I mostly got 50 marks but only out of sheer luck. I even recall a day I guessed an answer for a question on angles and voila, I exhaled when I felt Mr Ressurector’s sigh on realising he wasn’t going to hit me.
All this intensified my hate for Maths and on joining high school, I went on to further my studies and even attained a PHD in pure Maths hatred. When given assignment, I’d wait for the maths genius to finish hers and borrow her book to copy. This went on until one day in form two when I scored a 10 out of 50 in a Maths test. Maybe you’ve watched turning point, well that became my turning point.
Nilijiita kamkutano and made a resolution to do my best in Maths. I still used the genius but instead of copying her work, I’d request her to explain to me the mathematical concepts. I’d also use most of my free time to do calculations and would look for revision papers every which way and really work out the problems. Slowly but surely, the results began to speak for themselves. I changed my attitude and my score changed. Well except for that navigation topic. Hiyo ilinikataa gakii. Labda ndio maana sikubecome pilot. 🤣🤣
I guess you could say, tackle your challenges head-on don’t bury your head in the sand like an ostrich.


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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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