Why are superloaf and Broadway’s delivery lorries painted in yellow? Shouldn’t Magoha tell them that this colour is for school buses vans and face me.
So I’m braving the aphelion shenanigans in the morning after the government dealt a below the belt on me. I mean, there’s this trending joke of schools operating like makofi ya kilo, you know the one for funga (close) fungua (open.)
So as I brave these aphelion shenanigans I’m also stretching my neck like a woman trying to surreptitiously check her partner’s chat list. I’m expecting to see the school bus from a distance and for a while I think this has finally yielded only to realize that, ‘ngūkenetio nī kīro ta nyoni’ which is french for do not count your eggs before they hatch. It’s only a superloaf lorry doing it’s early morning deliveries of super yummy loaves.
Suddenly my stomach begins to rumbling and I realize I’m actually very hungry. Then as if sent from heaven, breakfast on wheels passes yonder and I order two ‘ī mayaī, ī mayaī, maya matumbī maya ma mboiro’ with special instructions of ‘kapiripiri kwa umbali’ I indulge in my little heaven on earth and furiously tackle my breakfast. I feel like this thing is going to give me wings, you know like red bull energy drink.
By now I’ve completely forgotten about my sole mission, then that all familiar shoooot sound of the bus breaking brings me back to the present. It has stopped a few yards away from where I was waiting and now I have to run to avoid delaying them. I don’t like arriving late, my papa taught me better than that. No sooner have I started running than I realize that in my zeal to arrive early, I forgot to tie the belt. Hahaha now the damn trouser is trying to obey the law of gravity and I have to hold onto the waistline like we did those days when we wore nickers whose elastic bands had seen better days. If you know you know.
Thank God it’s only a short distance and I receive my heartbeat in one piece. I can now exhale. Seeing as to the fact that she comes bringing gifts boflo (box loaf) freshly baked in the school canteen, I add to the earlier paraphernalia and ‘ooh the snakes crawl at night that’s what they say, when the sun goes out, then the snakes will play.’ There are no snakes, only a song I love and my stomach protesting. And by the way, when are schools reopening. Ama tuendelee kungoja makofi ya kilo.😂

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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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