The long wait.

‘Ugia ngūkū,’ drink fast and furious except what you were being told to drink fast was not treetop or mirinda. No, it was a concoction of raw egg and milk/ tea. This was the tried and tested remedy for multiple upper respiratory infections but most prominently the common cold. It didn’t matter how horrible it tasted, it seemed like gulping it fast was part of the ingredients or part of the healing properties, you know like how they say that darkness is the secret ingredient in mūtura (African sausage.)
This is the kind of fast and furious that Kenyans are expecting from our very able chairman of the IEBC. They almost feel like he should borrow a leaf or two from our Education CS. This one is notorious for catching parents and candidates unawares ooh, 😂when announcing examination results.
If there’s a Luhya in the house pliz tell us what you’d call kuugia ngūkū in Omulembe land so that at least Chebukati hears it in his first dialect.
Anyways we need credible results so we need a flawless tallying process though we can’t help but feel curious. Even if this looks like that time when the hyena said bone swallow and we want you to kuugia ngūkū, please sir, take your time.
A special dedication to you Mr. Chebukati, ‘We’ll be waiting for you here inside our rooms, we are the ones who want to know our 5th.’ Rendition to Celine Dion’s ‘I’ll be waiting for you here inside my heart, I’m the one who wants to love you more.

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