Stage fright can be characterized by several behavioural and physiological manifestations such as sweating, being tongue tied, dry mouth and even loss of words. I don’t know if being tongue tied and the tongue clinging to the roof of the mouth is one and the same thing?
However what I do know, is that stage fright is not a situation that one would like to find themselves in very often.
I remember pale high school when our Chemistry teacher saw us pass by the lab and beckoned upon us to approach the bench. She gave us a project to work on during the science symposium. Unlike our fifth, we didn’t do our homework very well; we just crammed what she’d told us in a nutshell and voila the day of the symposium came and we were like dry leaves in the fall season. It’s by mere luck that we were able to manouvre through the zonals which were held at ‘CanGoFree.’
During the district competition Zippy and I found ourselves in a room full of intelligent boys who not only wanted their own kind to scoop the award, but were also eager to put the girlchild in her place. Stick to languages, this ain’t your forte. Their intimidating looks were saying.Sema being tongue tied, It’s like that saying that drinking milk makes you stronger, but then you drink five glasses and try to move the wall but nothing happens. However drink five glasses of beer and the wall starts to move by itself. I felt like singing ‘I’ll never swim Kern river again.’ Only this version would be I’ll never pass by the Chem lab again.’
Now onto our dear son of the soil Mr. Riggy G, I thought stage fright is a thing for the feeble. I mean, these politicians almost look immortal, like they have the proverbial nine lives of a cat. After watching Wambora read the wrong speech and get out of it unscathed, I thought our very own DP, son of the mountain, the very one from ‘Mathira ma Gīthoomo,’ would ace this like it’s the MPESA pin.
Lakini nyinyi mboiz wa Kagz nyinyi, see your lives.

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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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