No invitation

Have you ever been told something by someone that carried you like a bus, only this did not carry you like the bus Judy or the Bus Rīakanau or coming closer to the slopes of the mountain you could say like Magutu controller. Haha, ama kama vile hawa maOrezzo wetu walibebwa huko Uingereza. At least saa hii wakisoma huu waraka, they can identify themselves with it.
Lakini that was way below the belt yaani, first no invitation, then you gatecrash then boom Judy here we come. Kapish. But since here in Kenya we say, ‘bora uhai’ I’m sure our fifth didn’t mind.

So back to bus Judy:
In 1990s, there was a bus called ‘Judy Smart Star’ & it was carrying the Nyeri/Othaya route. Let me tell you, this car was going. In fact, it was
finishing hills very fast & beating corners like lack of importance. (ta
kwaga bata). It even had song (yarī na rwīmbo) -the speakers were removing to remove! (kūruta kūruta).
Because those days there were no Michuki rules, the goers were even allowed to hold metal!.. (kūnyita chuma)
That bus, ‘Judy Smart Star’, has received a lot of accolades. Let me tell you, Judy was there a lot! (yarikuo muno). The makanga would beat its
ribs to stop for the goers and then load for them their burdens (mīrigo).The
goodness of that car, when it caught the road (yanyita bara), it was nyweeee…we wented & we wented. Let us went, we are thooose! Tūgīthiī,
tūgīthiī, reke tugīthii Nīithui aciooo…
I don’t know the original author of this story so I won’t acknowledge them here. Just know it’s borrowed.
Maybe I should watch Judge Judy bang that gavel and say next case. Or better still listen to ‘take a message to Mary, but don’t tell her where I am….’
Yeah, thanks to bus Judy we arrived at Windsor Castle safely. 😂😂

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