Mūrife don’t run

Fear of the unknown has always engulfed us day in day out. It’s something embedded deep inside our veins from the very inception of our DNA. Maybe it’s a self preservation or I don’t know a survival tactic. Kinda like the adrenal rush that saw Mūrife run of stick.
Growing up in the days when shoes were Veblen goods. Wearing a shoe only happened on Sundays and either the shoe was a hand me down/ borrowed or a cheap sadak. Now on the rare occasion that you were bought a new shoe and told to fit, whether that shoe be small or huge there’s no way you were going to reveal the correct results. It’s either the shoe fit or it fit. This was mostly because of the fear of the shoe going back to the merchant and not coming back. Like a case of, ‘Mūrife don’t run.’
Survival tactics depended on the results of the fitting bout. If the shoe turned out small, you had to squeeze your toes together like an aqueous fluid and praying that the resultant deformation due to blisters would not be permanent and that soon enough the shoe would obey the foot and align itself like the galaxy.
The second scenario was when the shoe proved bigger than the foot. Here innovation came in handy. Look for an old book, rip off the papers, crush them into a ball and put them inside the shoes. Then fit your feet into the unshaded area and voila, make a few rounds around the village to let the villagers knows that, ‘wakati fiatu fyako finafyong’ara ndifyo unafyong’ara pia.’
The only major problem was that after a few wears a rift would form where the toes meet the papers. It was a good way of learning about the formation of the rift valley and the fold mountains CBC way. And by the way CBC bado itaendelea? I kinda enjoyed watching the practicals in HD. Maybe I should say CBC don’t run 😂😂 for now lemmi try to catch this dragonfly. Dragonfly don’t run.

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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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