Mīatūka/ cracks. Ooh these were partners in crime. We were stuck with them for life or so we thought. They were the silent marks of humble beginnings; where soap was a luxury/ Veblen good, mostly used for washing clothes/ taking a bath on Sundays. Evenings were mostly marked by gūcabacabia maī in a basin, placing your legs on a piece of firewood placed on a cooking stone and getting to bed on tippy toes. The consequences of these jokious leg showers so evident in the resultant foot map complete with an administrative centre, a police station, a market, a church, not forgetting a health centre and/or cattle dip.
We thank God that we were able to erase these cracks later in life, otherwise karibu nikumbuke ule msimu wa imanjīnīthi. 🤣🤣Woe unto you if, ‘ndutu wandīire, ndutu nginyage cece’ decided to set camp along the administrative boundaries. Story for another day.
For now lemmi try to get myself out of this maze. You think the maze could have been inspired by these cracks 🤔

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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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