The driver quickly got out of the car and went around the Vehicle to open the passenger door for Kīrimi. Kīrimi did not even want to bargain the fare, he was sick and tired of this village. He removed his back pack and hurled himself inside the car. There was hardly any space but as the car began to move, it felt like it created some space for him so he adjusted himself here and there while the other passengers gave him the evil eye which seemed to say, ‘can’t you see there is hardly any room for us.’ Kīrimi did not acknowledge their presence, he just looked behind at his disappearing village and smiled at the thought of a new life in the city. The car continued to speed off occasionally splashing muddy water on the pedestrians. The rains had delayed but the heavens now seemed to be opening up with the fury of a woman in labor.
They stopped at several bus stops dropping and picking passengers along the busy highway and Kīrimi decided to put his earbuds on and listen to Ngogoyo with governor Kamau wa Kang’ethe. Occasionally you’d see him smile and know that the governor has just said, ‘kabisaa.’ He wondered whether after addition of the new counties if he’d now change his county from 048 to 053.

Soon they were at Nanyuki town, they alighted and gave Ceasar (driver) his dues. He looked from side to side to get his bearing but also looked up and saw that the clouds were heavily pregnant. He ran towards the stage not wanting the rains to hold him in this ‘mwisho wa reli’ town whose reputation precedes her. God forgive he’s milked all his life savings by the reds should darkness find him here. He managed to arrive at the stage and board the Van just as the first pitter patter raindrops were heard. He knew it would be hard for the van to fill when it was raining, so he made himself comfortable put his earbuds on and drifted off to sleep hoping to wake up in the city of lights (kīamatawa’. Kanairo here I come….

To be continued

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