Not so fast

Due to the heavy rains, the nap soon became fully fledged sleep and he started snoring deeply to the detriment of the other passengers. However the rains made it bearable and they too found solace in music, online gossips or drifting off to sleep. As the vehicle approached Blue post, a speeding motorbike veered of the road and almost came into contact with the van, had it not been for the drivers swift breaking albeit cussing. Kīrīmi who was sitting next to the driver and a female passenger tried to open his drowsy eyes and for a moment, thought that he was at the pearly gates and a beautiful usher had been sent by St. Peter to usher him into paradise. He was about to start singing, ‘Baba ngoka ngīinaga,’ which translates to, ‘Father, I will come singing,’ when the music playing in his earphones registered in his foggy brain and he realised that those couldn’t be the pearly gates. The music playing was, ‘thogora nī maitho hamwe na kūhutia’ There’s definitely no way such music was playing there. Nevertheless he spoke to the usher and asked, have you come for me? She looked at him like she’d heard the dumbest words, sneered and then made that ‘mmsschew,’ afrosinema sound and went back to scrolling on her phone. Kīrīmi could only look right and ask the driver, ‘where are we?’ The driver who was already tired of the steering wheel decided to give Kīrīmi a long speech about Thika, the pineapple, sisal and coffee plantations and how these were now quickly turning into Silicon cities. Soon mother earth will give up her ghost. I doubt she can bear any more of these. Kīrīmi had no choice but to feign interest in the story as he wondered, nilirogwa na nani?

To be continued…..

Published by Nyar Kaheti

Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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