He continued to push the wheel chair guy who now gave him instructions like that google maps girl. His brain had not completely processed the ‘ngeta’ transaction and he hoped that he’d come out of this nightmare and find himself in his kitchen garden replacing the kales that Kathambi’s hen had wrecked havoc on. In his song now slowly forming in his grey matter, his yesterday was truly greater than his today; Imagine an empty rumbling stomach, a sore throat and his sore feet now had to endure pushing this guy. Not long ago he had been fully satiated after feasting on Kathambi’s chicken. Walking along Luthuli avenue however had him dreaming a little about those big radios and woofers. He imagined his house having one of those. He’d turn it loud not caring about the NEMA acceptable decibels and if the neighbors dared complain he’d turn it even louder.
He now realised that they’d turned onto what he came to know as Mfangano street and they continued towards Ronald Ngala where they found a coaster waiting for them. He helped the guy who urged him to join him and he obeyed. Having lost his contacts with his phone he had no way of locating his friend from Mlango kubwa.
When he boarded the coaster he was surprised to find so many guys in wheelchairs and before he could process the unfolding scene the guy he had been pushing held up his hand and took his, shook it in a firm handshake and said, ‘I haven’t introduced myself, My name is Kīmani and this is our hustle.’ Kīrīmi was lost in thought and barely noticed the bus plying through the busy streets of Kanairo picking more and more guys in wheelchairs. The conductor was a huge bouncer who could lift the lean guys in wheelchairs like they were feathers.
Kīrīmi’s mind was stuck on Kīmani’s words, ‘our hustle’ He could only hope that he was not being taken to the slaughter…..
To be continued.

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