The adrenal rush was beginning to subside in his bloodstream and he now began to notice what was happening around him. Before he was following orders like a robot but now his other senses began to come back to life. He turned to Kīmani, the hustler and started shooting questions at him like a drowning person. All Kīmani could say was wait, you will see. Like the slogan seeing is believing he decided to wait and see. He felt bad for having judged the van driver earlier on and thought to himself that Karma was now on his case and that’s why he ended up mugged. He now wished for that masking tape only this time it’d be on his own mouth. The coaster continued it’s journey towards what he came to know was Kīambu road. The night lights were doing a good job of calming his nervousness and he thought for a while there that he was gazing at the milky way from a state of the art telescope.
The sudden breaking of the coaster as it took a left turn into the posh Runda estates brought Kīrīmi back to the present. For a while there he’d gone back to those old days when the Timaū skies would display an array of stars from the Southern Cross, to Gemini and numerous other constellations. He’d gaze upwards and try to fathom the wonders of creation at an early age, whatever happened to his curiosity, he wondered. Then he’d ask himself how all this could have come from a big bang. Some theory there 🤔.
They came to a magnificent gate and the driver pressed a gadget which opened the way to what could only be explained by an agape mouth. For a moment there he thanked St. Peter for not opening the Pearly gates door earlier. He didn’t know what shocked him more though; the state of the art architectural designs or the fact that all the lame people who were inside the coaster could now walk on their two legs….
To be continued

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