Still sitted on the Kitchen island, his tummy now full of buns, Kīrīmi was about to reach his pocket for his phone then remembered that he had been robbed in broad daylight while Nairobians watched the movie unfold in 3D and the city clock continued to tick on. Not even time would stop in his moment of despair. Does time ever stop. He remembered only two instances when it stops. One is when soulmates find each other and for that one moment time seems to stands still. He wondered if that would ever happen to him. The other instance is dated way back to his Sunday school days when his Sunday school teacher narrated the story of Joshua and how he made the sun stand still. He found himself mumbling, ‘now Joshua if you were here..’ just then Kīmani who had stepped to the living room to speak on the phone, tapped him on the shoulder bringing his walk down memory lane to an abrupt screech. He motioned him to follow him to the living room and narrated to him the circumstances surrounding his newly found reprieve. He told him about the organisation and how it recruits ‘physically challenged’ Kenyans and takes them out on the streets to beg from innocent Kenyans. It’s no wonder Kenya was ranked no. 2 in the Philanthropy index after Indonesia in 2020, Kīrimi thought. Judging by the opulence in this house, the Ubuntu spirit had clearly been taken for a ride, don’t ask me where, it could even be to the Appalachian mountains. Kīmani told him that he’d be assimilated in their community as soon as he underwent training. Meanwhile he’d be given chores in the mansion which would earn him a monthly stipend. He’d also be given clothes and sleeping quarters while being inducted and later joined the operations. As he began to visualize himself a beggar on the streets of Nairobi the shrill voice of a bell sounded and everyone started streaming in the dining area all set for dinner. Even though he had just downed the simsim buns he joined the queue and put a little too much of everything on his plate. He needed a heavy meal so he would fall asleep instantly as soon as he landed on the bed. He didn’t want to sleep ‘ta Maitū ahika.’ Better to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow….
To be continued…

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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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