The old man walked briskly towards his neighbor’s house. Mr Kīng’ori, a retired teacher was lucky to be among the few people in the village owning a cellphone.
The old man was lucky that they had gone to the river and braved the knife together and a special bond had developed between them since then. They used to refer to each other as Wakinī and despite Mr. Kīng’ori being the village’s only Damiano he had maintained a humble demeanor and never once did he look down on his Wakinī.
The old man, he looked more haggard than his age since his life had not been a walk down the park. Unlike Mr. Kīng’ori whose hustle included chalks, boards, books, pens and papers, his had been characterized by hoes, forks and axes. From dawn to dusk he’d sweat it out in the neighbor’s farms occasionally digging wells and pit latrines. He had done this to eke a living for his household and see to it that his children got a good education. Over the years, his hands had become calloused, his face wrinkled and his back bent, he had a haughty look.
Nevertheless he still thrived and flourished; looks are not eaten, ‘ūthaka ndūkarangagwo.’ He reached at Mr. Kīng’ori’s gate, opened it and came face to face with Nyameni his dairy cow which was on heat and was only too glad to find an escape, she almost trampled on him. Mr. Kīng’ori ran after Nyameni who was on rampage and was wondering why Ferdinand the neighbor’s bull had deserted her in her time of need. Mr Kīng’ori wanted a pedigree seed for his Nyameni but the veterinarian had delayed his arrival. Once he saw Nyameni jump over the neighbor’s fence, he gave up and returned home to find the old man sitting on his Ottoman. He called the veterinarian and cancelled the appointment.
He then grabbed a stool in the kitchen and poured the old man a fifteen of gatubia from the metallic kettle.
To be continued…


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