The old man started rambling on and on about the current state of the economy. Kīng’ori had learnt to listen to him not one to interrupt him unless he asked a question. Their friendship was so seamless, ‘the you talk I listen kind of friendship,’ and my had Kīng’ori become such a good listener. Having listened to staffroom tales his whole life and also having to listen to mothers recount about their irresponsible partner’s behaviours and how it was transitioning into truancy among their children was his daily cup of coffee ever since he became the discipline master.
So the old geezer rambled on and on until Mr. Kīng’ori pointed at his cold cup of tea which he sipped in one gulp ‘kugia ngūkū) and continued on with his political stories which revolved around politics, empty promises and the evergrowing cost of living.
He then shook his head and seemed to remember the reason for his visit, ‘May I borrow your phone,’ he said. Mr. Kīng’ori scurried into the living room while limping as the stool had done it’s damage on the gluteus maximus. He was feeling ‘njingiri’ but managed the short walk and handed the phone to his friend.
The old geezer took the phone, his smile showing the lost front teeth he had lost in a bar brawl once upon a time when his life had taken a downhill turn and he had sought refuge in imbibing one too many. Funny how one silly decision can leave a permanent mark in your life. He removed a piece of paper from his trouser pocket and pressed the dial pad. His son who was studying economics at the University of Nairobi picked on the third ring and they exchanged pleasantries and talked a bit about how each was faring. Then the old man cleared his throat and breathed heavily the creases on his forehead now all too elaborate. He then proceeded to hit the nail on the head and relayed the breaking news, ‘ the daughter of Kīmiti came home last evening and told us that she is pregnant for you, We gave her the keys to your Cube and we are planning to visit her parents tomorrow to inform them of their daughter’s whereabout. As a matter of fact I want to ask Mr. Kīng’ori here to accompany me. I just wanted to let you know that you’ll be coming home to a wife and a baby on the way. Otherwise continue studying hard, we’ll take good care of your wife. And just like that the young man got himself a wife, (kienyeji promax/ jikokoa)
The old man handed back the phone to Kīng’ori and thanked him. He rose up, released one Kayusuf and then sighed heavily. ‘So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?’ With that he scurried back home hoping that the heavily pregnant nimbus clouds would hold on until he reached home. ‘That’s two pregnant,’ he said to himself as he approached his compound.

To be continued.

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Born and raised on the picturesque slopes of Mt Kenya, Nyar Kaheti is your girl next door vibe kind of girl. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and listening to country music among other things.

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